Ultimate 5 Benefits of the Fantastic Life in Canada

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Canada is an incredible country to choose if you’re looking to get a world-class education. Perhaps take a step forward in your career? Or just want to live in a country known for its safety and security. No matter the reason, Canada makes for a great place to live as an immigrant. Beyond these reasons, one of the most significant one might be that Canada needs immigrants. Therefore, it has over 100 visa and immigration programs that help foreign nationals move to Canada. For more insight, let’s take a look at the ultimate 5 benefits of the fantastic life in Canada!

The Ultimate 5 Benefits of a Life in Canada

1. Canada has many immigrant-serving organizations

Canada has invested in ensuring that immigrants do well in Canada. They have designed over 500 immigrant-serving organizations from all over the country. The main goal of these incredible organizations is to help you adjust to your new life in Canada. Also, to ensure that you integrate well into the country’s economy and society. This applies through practical job training and mentorship as well as English and French classes if needed.

A great bonus is that you would be able to meet many people, not only from your country of origin but from across the world too.

2. Life in Canada: A growing economy

This is a big plus for foreign nationals as this means that the country is in need of immigrants. And the more immigrants Canada needs, the higher your chance of moving to Canada. A growing economy also means plenty of job opportunities to be filled. In fact, 337,000 jobs were posted for the Canadian workforce recently.

One of the factors that you can benefit the most from is that Canada offers all types of employment, whether you are a highly-skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled worker. There are also various ways to work in Canada. For example, through programs such as Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program and the Global Talent Stream.

3. Canada has top-tier education

It’s no secret that Canada spends good money on its education system, and it’s definitely paying off. Currently, Canada’s education system ranks fourth in the world and international students flock to Canada for this very reason. Obtaining a qualification in Canada means that you’re carrying a qualification that is recognized globally, and therefore potentially securing you a great future.

Another great advantage worth mentioning is that you can actually work part-time during semesters and full-time during breaks through a Canadian study permit. This way you can earn money while receiving an education.

Fun fact: If you’re a Canadian permanent resident your children will be eligible for free public education!

4. Life in Canada: An outstanding healthcare system

This might be one of the most important top 5 benefits of living in Canada because good health means a good life, for anyone. So why does Canada have such a great healthcare system? Well, for starters Canada has a well publicly-funded system in place called Canadian Medicare, which is used by all 13 provinces and territories. However, each of them do operate differently and has their own insurance scheme, and the amount of funds they receive from the government.

The Canadian Medicare gives more medical services and at a lower cost to people. It’s also universal which means almost everyone can receive health care without any financial strain. This is because the services are essentially free to Canadian permanent residents as the funds come from taxes.

5. Canada has the best of both worlds

Are you looking to live in the busy city or are you leaning more towards the tight-knit communities? Whichever you prefer, Canada has both!

Both city and town have so much to offer you or your family, whether it be education, job opportunities or incredible scenery. The largest cities in Canada include Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary whereas the largest rural towns include Churchill, Mahone Bay and Elora.

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